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Pickerel / Walleye

Pickerel / Walleye

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Pickerel is a buttery, dense, slightly meaty and sweet lakefish, unlike any other (except yellow perch!). It has legions of fans, as it is a local, abundant and delicious fish. Cooking Methods: Pan frying, grilling, steaming whole or fillet, en papillotte, deep frying, roasting, hot smoking Information: Our pickerel (and all of our lakefish) comes from the little town of Wheatley, Ontario. The largest volume of lakefish in Ontario lands in this port. About 80% of the Lake Erie catch is immediately sold to the U.S.A., as Americans love their walleye and yellow perch. We buy from a small family fishery that uses short set, specifically sized gill nets. From lake to shop, we often have the fish within 24 hours. Sold by the pound

Suggested cooking methods

Pan Fry, Grill, and Roast or Bake

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Wild Caught ---- Lake Erie, Canada

Family owned fishery, caught, processed and shipped same day.