Upgrade your fish skills!

Hooked Classes

If you want to eat more fish, learn to put together quick meals or just have an evening out to be inspired and eat well - the join us for a class!

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A seasonal selection of fresh fish, oysters, clams, mussels. lobster, crab and shrimp ...

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The Art of Smoking

Smoked Fish

A savoury breakfast or a delicious snack, our smoked fish is the perfect choice.

Smoked delicious flavours and irresistible aromas - Find out for yourself why Chef Kristin Donovan's apple wood smoked delights are irresistible.

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The Hooked Pantry

A curated list of items that can elevate a meal to a new level; sauces, condiments and side dishes.

A maybe a few things that we just love to eat.

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