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Frozen, vacuum sealed, sushi safe

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One of the most nutritious and delicious fish available, Atlantic Mackerel is not for the hesitant fish eater. Its flavour is rich and pronounced due to its high fat content.
This purse seine net caught Atlantic Mackerel, is captured in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Try this Mackerel for grilling, broiling, pan frying, hot smoking, roasting, sashimi, or in an escabeche.

While we work hard to get fresh mackerel in season, our sashimi grade frozen mackerel is hard to beat: Caught by Norwegian boats with purse seine nets in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, it is filleted and flash frozen immediately. The quality and flavour of the fish is unparalleled in its rich, fatty, and meaty texture.

neatly vacuum sealed with 2 fillets per pack at 0.4 lb per average fillet

sashimi grade, individually quick frozen (IQF) fillets, bone in

Suggested cooking methods

Grill, Pan Fry, Roast or Bake, and Sashimi

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Wild Caught ---- Nova Scotia and Norway

Seine caught.