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Cold Double-Smoked Steelhead Salmon

Cold Double-Smoked Steelhead Salmon

200 grams, hand sliced and wrapped

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Buttery, smoky, with a delicious light sweetness from the fennel and coriander seed, our double-smoked salmon is SO GOOD.

Alone, on a bagel with our caper cream cheese, as part of a "fishcuterie" board or on a latke, this is a Hooked favourite.

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Smoked fish! Four varieties of delicious and delectable fish. Kristen can smoke a fish like nobody else! Done in-house! Each variety of fish maintains its unique texture and flavour. Delicious!
The cream cheese spread, the mussels, the baguette, pickles, capers and pickled beets were an added bonus but always…..the fish reigns supreme!
Thank you Hooked Team for another fabulous meal! --- Tracy H, Toronto