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Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod


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AtlantIC COD

Atlantic Ocean, Iceland

Probably one of the mildest fish we sell,Atlantic Cod is wild caught in the deep, cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Iceland. It is most commonly sold as boneless, skinless fillets and when cooked, has a sweet but distinct flavour and a moderately firm texture with large, white flakes. 

Cooking Methods:
Steamed with ginger and fresh herbs in a bamboo basket, or more classically as 'en papillotte'. Try poaching in olive oil, dropping in curries or soups, or deep frying for fish and chips! 

Additional Information:
Fished in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland, cod are caught by hook and line. The hook and line method dramatically reduces the amount of by-catch and is said to reduce stress on the fish, resulting in more firm flesh and better flavour. The Icelandic cod fishery is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified for it’s responsible methods of fishing and gear type used. 


Raw form + sizing details:
Fillets are boneless and skinless and range significantly in size. Fish is sold by the pound.

Suggested cooking methods

Poach, Pan Fry, Sous Vide, Roast or Bake, and Deep Fry

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Wild Caught ---- Iceland

Primarily line caught, (long line) and some bottom trawl