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Red Boat Salt, 7oz/200g


Red Boat Salt is infused with their famous fish sauce and adds a natural touch of umami to any dish. Sprinkle a pinch on everything from steaks to oven-roasted vegetables for an irresistible burst of flavour.

200 gram (net weight)  bottle

Red Boat 

in 2011,Cuong Pham started Red Boat Fish Sauce. Returning to Vietnam from the US, Cuong expanded a small, family-run facility on the tropical island of Phú Quốc. With its clear waters and traditional fishing communities, Phú Quốc has long been renown for producing the world's greatest fish sauces. Cuong partnered with expert fishermen and continued a centuries-old fermentation tradition. Today, the Red Boat brand is stronger than ever. In an era where transparency, traceability, and sustainability reign supreme, Red Boat is just as committed to quality ingredients and its time-honoured fermentation tradition as the day it was founded. That means no additives, no preservatives, and no flavour enhancers. Just the purest fish sauce on earth. 

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