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Oysters, case of 100

From Canada's East Coast !

East Coast Oysters, often referred to Malpeques (though that's like referring to tissue as Kleenex) are actually a species called Crassostrea virginica. The hallmark of East Coast Oysters is their sweet, briny flavour with a well rounded crispy texture and a clean, refreshing finish.
Oysters pair well with hot sauce, mignonette, fresh horseradish or if you're a bit fancy, cocktail sauce.

Most varieties are cultivated in the Growout Method, and all the varieties are well-graded to ensure consistent, beautiful oysters that are tumbled smooth by the sea.

case of 100 fresh oysters
packed in a handsome wooden crate or box

We have a rotating menu of the following varieties of oysters from Nova Scotia to PEI. If you have a preferred variety, please include your top three choices in a note at checkout.
We cannot guarantee we will have your selection on hand but we will do our best to fill your order accordingly.

  • Savage Blondes
  • Shipwreck Select
  • Valley Pearls
  • Tuxedo
  • Colville Bay
  • Merasheen Bay
  • Beau Soleil