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Organic Atlantic Salmon

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Family Size Available!

**This Product is Temporarily Out Of Stock. Why not try the Organic BC Spring Salmon?**

A family favourite. The thick, pinkish-orange fillets have a natural fatty sheen and a buttery finish when cooked. Atlantic Salmon is always farm-raised now and has a milder flavour than wild Salmon. We love the sweet flavour and succulent large medium-firm flakes.

This fish is very versatile. Cure a fillet for gravlax, or hot smoke it on a barbecue for the holidays. Poach it in aromatic court bouillon and serve with rich lemony hollandaise or basil mayonnaise. Pan-fry it until golden, basting it with butter and fresh thyme or rosemary. It’s just as delicious eaten raw as tartare or sushi. Atlantic salmon is high in protein and an excellent source of Omega-3 fat. 

* If you are interested in whole sides or whole fish for roasting, please contact our Customer Service Team for more options.

6 ounce portion

fresh (never frozen), skin on and bones removed, responsibly farm-raised