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Selva Black Tiger Shrimp


Tiger shrimp at Hooked?   You bet. This is one of the greatest success stories in modern aquaculture.

Firm, sweet and clean. These shrimp have their shells removed and are completely cleaned. Perfect for pan frying, poaching, or grilling. Simply the best shrimp we have ever tasted.


19 to 22 pieces per package (min 12 oz. )
Shipped frozen, some thawing may occur in transit.


About Selva

These shrimp live and grow naturally in the mangroves of southern Vietnam. The shrimp are not fed at all, and so are free of anything not naturally occurring in the ocean. Mangroves are a natural nursery and breeding grounds for many species. While the destruction of the vital mangroves has been rampant, the Selva company is actively involved with reforestation.

Once the shrimp have reached a mature size, they will naturally head out to sea on the lunar cycle. At this point, the ‘farmers’ harvest the shrimp using hand nets between the mangroves and the open ocean.

The shrimp are iced, cleaned, and frozen within 24 hours of harvest. The entire process is fully audited to ensure proper working conditions and that farmers and processing plant workers are paid fair wages. Read more ...