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Japanese Flying Squid

Grab a case!

This wild-caught Squid is jig caught in the South Japan Sea.

We love these for Pastas, Soups, Stews, Pan-frying, deep-frying, baked or braised. Young kids love these as an exciting, new food texture.

Squid swim in shoals and are caught at night by jigging. Bright lures are dropped in the water and jiggled to attract them. Lines are lowered to the desired fishing depth, where the squid are hooked. The catch is released from the gear as they are lifted aboard the vessel, and the process is repeated. Because squid are short-lived and reproduce abundantly, they are considered an excellent sustainable fish choice.

This product ships frozen
2.5 pound block or 10 lb case (4 blocks)
Each package contains both tubes and tentacles, separated and cleaned (beak removed)
Tubes and tentacles are frozen together as one block until thawed