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Razor Clams in Brine (Conservos, Spain), 111g


Razor clams are seafood that will surprise you with exquisite fleshy texture and soft flavor. Particular care has been taken in the cleaning to remove sand and grit.

They are ready to eat or add to seafood recipes.


net weight 111 grams

Product of Spain


from the Producer

Conservas de Cambados was founded in 1985; it is located in the northwest of Spain, in Galicia.

Here you will find the "Ría de Arousa" famous not only for its size, but also for the marine wealth that exists in it, favoring the cultivation of bivalves such as clams or cockles and mollusks such as mussels grown in floating nurseries called "bateas”.  Precisely from our Rías comes the best raw material that we select carefully to bring to your table the most select and artisan preserves.

Conservas de Cambados manages the entire production and marketing process, from entering a batch of shellfish or fish in the plant to labelling, packaging and subsequent shipment to both national and international customers.