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"Colossal" Black Tiger Shrimp

Family Size Available!

In the USA, they have great names for the size ranges of shrimp. In Canada, we call these "thirteen fifteen" because there are between 13 and 15 tails per pound. In the US these are called Colossal which starts to do justice to how amazing these are!

Naturally raised without feed or chemicals; the mangrove forest provides all that is required.

• packed in 1 pound bags
• Individually quick frozen
• Fully cleaned, (shells and vein removed)  

Shrimp is the most popular seafood in North America, and honestly, a lot of it is pretty sketchy;
read more about why you may want to switch to Selva.


16 ounce Package or a 2 Lb Pack
each 16 ounce package contains about 13-15 shrimp tails
Individually quick frozen
Shells and vein removed (fully cleaned )