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Luis Suarez Chorizo, 5 pack

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Hand made in Toronto, the chorizo sausage by Tapas Foods follows an old family recipe from Asturias in the northern region of Spain. They begin by grinding boneless pork picnic shoulders and mixing them with premium traditional spices, then they stuff the mixture into natural casing, smoke them with wood chips selected from four different woods, semi-cure them by air drying and then vacuum pack them.

Chorizo can be enjoyed the most when eaten by itself. Let it cure outside of the package for a few days in a room temperature, dry environment until it is a bit tougher, slice it, and eat it with some bread or crackers.

It can also be used to enhance several dishes, such as traditional paella, pastas, pizzas, other rice dishes, sandwiches and soups. Chorizo can be fried, stewed, baked, grilled, steamed, boiled, sautéed, etc.

each package contains 5 sausages, net weight 550 grams