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Branzino (European Sea Bass)

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Family Size Available!

Dicentrarchus labrax

There are so many different names for this incredibly versatile fish; Branzino, Loup de Mer, Mediterranean Sea Bass, and an equally great number of ways to prepare. We love them stuffed and roasted whole in the oven or over a charcoal fire. Equally great as a thinly sliced Crudo.

We are happy to prepare your bass for you - simply leave a note at check out and we will prepare as you wish; we are fishmongers after all! 
Available options

• just under one pound average
• head-on, cleaned and scaled
• farm raised  
• fresh NEVER frozen

Most branzino is farm-raised, less than 10 per cent of the global catch is wild-harvested and those are seldom seen in North America.