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Ora King Salmon

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This is a favourite among the Toronto chefs who shop with us.

Ora King salmon is thought to be the wagyu of the sea because of its high-fat content and the marbled fat lines that contrast beautifully with the bright orange flesh. It’s hard to believe this is a farmed fish, but it’s raised and processed to meet exceptional culinary standards.

The flesh is moderately firm with large, delicate flakes and the naturally high oil content gives it a silky, buttery texture and rich, sweet, umami flavour. It also keeps the salmon moist, greatly reducing the risk of over-cooking. It’s a versatile fish ideal for sashimi and sushi, cured for gravlax, or cold smoked. Bake it with asparagus and ripe cherry tomatoes, or pan-fry in butter with garlic and lemon. The Omega-3 content is the highest of any salmon, and it’s also high in protein.


6 ounce portion

We hand cut these portions from 10 Lb fish
Fresh, never frozen, skin-on, bone out.

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