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Arctic Char

Family Size Available!

This beautiful Arctic Char arrives fresh to us each week, once you try it, it will become a favourite. We leave the fillets with skin-on, and remove the pin bones out. Each fillet weighs in around 1 lb on average.
Similar to rainbow trout, this char is even milder, richer and fattier.

Grown in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, these char are raised in spring-fed freshwater raceways. Extremely cold temperatures and low population densities ensure the fish have an appealing fattiness and healthy flesh. Fed an all-natural diet: no hormones, antibiotics, colourants, GMOs or land animal byproducts. The protein is derived from wild fish waste that is a by-product of the fish processing industry. No wild fish were harvested to feed these fish.

This fish is so tender and wonderful. Try slow baking, high heat roasting, pan frying, poaching, grilling, hot and cold smoking.
Slow baking is our favourite way to honour the delicate flesh of this fish.


5 lb Family Pack

fresh (never frozen), skin on and bones removed.
responsibly farm-raised in British Columbia