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We are chefs first ...

We met at Stratfords Chef School. 20 years ago. Through our life of food; traveling and cooking together, we have met and been inspired by so many wonderful people; together we have learned, laughed and nurtured a deep love and respect for the role of food in shaping our world.

Ten years ago we set out to create a fish store focused on doing better; on navigating the science and politics of ethically sourcing from the vast wealth of food that our rivers, lakes and oceans offer. We have been humbled by the wisdom and deep commitment to craft that we have witnessed in so many fishers, growers, chefs, scientists and environmentalists.

Along the way we have deepened our knowledge, grown our team and developed a network to support our vision;


We want to help you prepare meals that are healthy and flavourful, using honest ingredients from well respected people.

Good. Clean. Fair.


Ask us, we can help.
Knowledge is power.

Kristin & Dan