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Fish. It's the New Turkey

Well, not really... but hey, a gorgeous whole butterflied stuffed fish is a pretty stellar addition to your holiday meal planning!

Or if you are still planning on that turkey feast, how better to start off the epic eating with a fishcuterie board from the kids at Hooked? 
Given that I love being in the kitchen and that folks keep asking, we are offering two options for your weekend feasting.


Whole roasted Sea Bream

Our whole, fresh fish that will arrive to you butterflied (bones out, head on), filled to the brim with a beautiful stuffing of pine nuts, walnuts, quinoa, warm spices, dried cranberries + apricots, preserved lemon and kale.
With a lemon and herb vinaigrette for drizzling once cooked and simple, easy to follow cooking instructions.

One fish feeds 2 people easily. Two fish feeds four and so on ...

Right now only for $168

Smoked, pickled and cured 

Our stellar board includes a generous amount of: 
• Double smoked steelhead salmon 
• Albacore tuna tataki 
• Hot smoked rainbow trout 
• Shaved mojama (cured tuna loin) 
• Spanish marinated mussels 
• Caper cream cheese, Blackbird baguette, Evelyn's Crackers 
• Kristin's Nana's pickles, pickles beets, caperberries, and cornichons 

All beautifully plattered and ready to go

Each platter is designed to feed 4 or more.

Home Delivery
Free delivery in the City of Toronto after 2pm
Friday October 8th or Saturday October 9th 
Pickup in Store
Leslieville, Kensington or South Kingsway
after 2pm Friday October 8th
or after 2 pm Saturday October 9th 
Limited offering
We have a limited number available.
Orders close Wednesday October 6th at NOON 

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