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46 South Fish Company's

Spot Prawn Tails

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Sailing the Pacific on the Golden Ocean

Owned by our friends at the 46 South Fish Company, the Golden Ocean is 41ft fibreglass vessel built on the island. Operated with 2-3 fishers on board, these dedicated haulers work the prawn season by spreading traps on six 'strings' over a section of ocean to capture one of British Columbia's finest flavours: 

The Spot Prawn.

During BC's unique, derby-style fishery this past spring, 2021, Spot Prawns were pot-caught, carefully prepared, put into brine and flash frozen... packing in the flavour of May & June when Spot Prawns are bountiful and summer is just blooming in Ontario. 

Re-live those glory days of early summer with this amazing Canadian catch!