Fish Cooking Tips

Fish Cooking Tips Tips for great fish: Temperature Fish must be pulled from the fridge a minimum of 20 minutes prior to cooking to allow it to come to room temperature. Cooking fish directly from the cold will result in a dry outer flake, as cooking time will be... read more

En Papillotte

En Papillotte We use this cooking method all of the time: no fuss, no muss. It’s a gentle cooking method that is similar to steaming. We like to shave seasonal vegetables thinly (carrot, beet, leek, fennel, asparagus etc…) and create a base for the fish. A little... read more

Pan Frying

Pan Frying start fish from room temperature cut fish into individual portions for easy manipulation season with sea salt on both sides of the filet preheat a heavy pan over medium heat until HOT, about 3-5 minutes add a few teaspoons of fat to the pan: non GMO... read more


Steaming We rarely steamed fish until we opened the shop. Who knew?! (besides most of coastal and lakeside Asia;) It is now one of our favourite ways to cook whole bream, branzino, perch and trout. Thick filets of lingcod, pacific cod and halibut work well too. start... read more


Poaching We like to poach our fish in a flavourful liquid such as a coconut curry, tandoori curry or fennel and tomato broth. Gone are the days of poaching whole fish in court bouillon. We find it is best to make a flavourful base, bring to a gentle simmer, and... read more

Pan Roasting

Pan Roasting preheat oven to 450º start fish from room temperature season the fish with sea salt preheat a heavy pan over medium high heat 3-4 minutes until HOT add 1-2 tablespoons of a high smokepoint oil such as grapeseed, canola or clarified butter place fish filet... read more

High Heat Oven Roasting

High Heat Oven Roasting We find it best to either cook at very low temperatures or very high temperatures with fish. For high heat roasting, upwards of 450º is ideal. preheat oven to 450º fish may be marinated start fish from room temperature season the fish with sea... read more

Slow and Low Baking

Slow and Low Baking One of our favourite ways to cook fish. The low temperature succeeds in rendering the fat of the fish, leaving the end result luscious, tender and delicious. preheat oven to 200ºF marinades such as sake, honey Dijon, teriyaki etc work well for this... read more