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White Fish || Ocean

Ocean White fish is a pretty big net to cast, we know.

It is a nice way to group together fish that live in salt water, sharing a wonderful quality - neutral flavour, your canvas to paint dinner on.
Ocean white fish are great for  poaching, baking, steaming... you name it.

Have a look at our selection of fish from the Pacific, Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We've got some wonderful crowd pleasers, something perfect for your next batch of fish'n'chips or the perfect fish for grilling up for your guests.
  • Halibut


    On our counter, the pristine meaty flesh has a porcelain-white, translucent appearance. The fillets are from the largest flatfish species in the wo...

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  • BC Rockfish


    Often called Pacific Snapper. there are over 70 varieties of Rockfish off the coast of BC. Hugely popular because of its mild and slightly sweet fl...

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  • Sold out

    Black Cod


    This cold water fish is luscious, sweet and mild, with ample fat content, an easy sell to anyone you know who says they do not like fish!Sablefish ...

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