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Family Size Available!

If you like Atlantic salmon, we’re sure you’ll like steelhead. It’s one of our top selling fish. A member of the salmonoid family, it genetically bears some resemblance to rainbow trout.

The flesh is orange like salmon, from a diet high in crustaceans. When cooked, the flavour is sweet and mild, like a cross between salmon and trout, and the meat is tender and succulent with medium flakes.

A great fish to roast or grill whole for a small dinner party. Dredge fillets in flour and pan-fry in bacon fat or butter and finish with plenty of chopped garlic. A good fish for poaching whole and serving cold with malt or herb mayonnaise or a pungent vinaigrette. Like salmon, it’s high in Omega-3 and protein.

6 oz portion

fresh (never frozen), skin on and bones removed.
responsibly farm-raised in British Columbia and in Washington State