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Butterflied Branzino (European Sea Bass)

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Dicentrarchus labrax

There are so many different names for this incredibly versatile fish; Branzino, Loup de Mer, Mediterranean Sea Bass, and an equally great number of ways to prepare. We love them stuffed and roasted whole in the oven or over a charcoal fire. Equally great as a thinly sliced Crudo.

We are happy to prepare your bass for you - and we're now offering our most popular format online - The Butterfly!
Each fish has the head and all its bones removed. The two fillets are left connected at the back, with the tail on. It's the perfect way to stuff and truss a small fish at home for grilling, roasting, or baking.

• a perfect serving for one person
• head-off, cleaned and scaled
• farm raised  
• fresh NEVER frozen

Most branzino is farm-raised, less than 10 per cent of the global catch is wild-harvested and those are seldom seen in North America.