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Black Tiger Shrimp

Selva Shrimp

 Selva Shrimp® are premium-quality black tiger prawns naturally raised in mangrove forests by small-scale farmers in Southern Vietnam. Selva Shrimp® not only offer a unique sustainable seafood choice, but also create a direct link between consumers and farming communities in Southeast Asia.

Integrated mangrove forest shrimp farming combines the economic use of mangrove forests with shrimp aquaculture, for which the underlying principle is simple: Mangrove forests are maintained and preserved in order to provide habitat and food for the animals that are raised in small channels and ponds within the forest.

 In these systems, shrimp are raised with no feed or chemicals. The ecosystem fully relies on its own natural productivity, which creates incentives for farmers to maintain mangroves. The forest not only provides the shrimp with natural food, but also provides a better and more stable income for families and communities.

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Frequently asked question

How do I know what size shrimp I am ordering?
More about grading.

Ah, Seafood grading.
6/8s, 13/15, 21/25... It seems like a jumble of numbers but they really mean something!
Most shellfish is graded by size & labeled by pieces in a pound:
6-8's would be a very large shrimp (and would be described as extra colossal or jumbo) with only six to eight pieces in a pound. The higher the number, the smaller the grade & the more pieces per pound.
ie. A 30/40 size Shrimp is a small, common Shrimp Cocktail sized Shrimp.

How much do I need per person?

We recommend 2 to 3 pieces Selvas, 6/8 or 13/15, Shrimp for an appitizer (or about 85g/3oz). For a full serving of Shrimp for a main, you will want to purchase 5 - 6 ounces (140 - 170g) per person. But if it's going in a pasta, paella or stew - split the difference!

Fresh or Frozen?

All shrimp arrive to us frozen - it's the best way to get shrimp. This isn't your grandma's deep freeze - this is blast frozen technology, locking in freshness. These shrimp are also packed as 'Individually Quick Frozen' (IQF), meaning you can keep the bag in your freezer and pull out just a few at a time if you're cooking for a modest crowd.