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Our Favourite Things Box

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Curated by Kristin, this is a collection of Hooked absolute must haves.

A selection of our favourite, and most sought after, pantry essentials that grace the shelves of our Toronto stores. Curated by the wonderful Kristin Donovan, our chef-owner, who tests and vets all our accompanying products before they land on our shelves. 

Included must-haves

Ponzo Family Farm Honey

Ar de Arte Conservas (galician fried mussels)

Mary Manette Smoked Herring

Newfoundland Sea Salt

Kristin’s Nana’s Hot Polskas

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Arbequino Molino EVOO

Belberry Yuzu Vinegar

Amanida Olives with Cheese + Anchovy

Amanida Cherry Peppers with Cheese + Tuna

Chocosol Vanilla + Sea Salt Bar