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Wild Salmon from Barkley Sound, British Columbia

Located on the western shore of Vancouver Island, Barkley Sound - Alberni Inlet is one of British Columbia's outstanding fishing grounds.
Stretching from Ucluth Peninsula in the north to Cape Beale in the south, Barkley Sound offers some of the most spectacular fishing for salmon, halibut and bottom fish on the entire North American continent with multiple Chinook salmon runs occurring from April on through into the summer months.

Accessible by road to the communities of Port Alberni (which claims the title "The Salmon Fishing Capital of the World" along with Campbell River), Ucluelet, and Bamfield, the Barkley Sound & Alberni Inlet area offers anglers an opportunity to reel in large spring salmon that can weight in well over 30 pounds!

All five species of salmon are here: Chinook, Coho, Humpies, Keta and Sockeye will migrate through this area from early spring until late fall. These salmon are returning to Northern California, Oregon and Washington rivers as well as the mighty Fraser River and many local British Columbia streams.

In June, Chinook, or Spring Salmon, begin to migrate south and are very active feeders. These fish are primed to make the journey inland, and as such, their flesh has beautiful texture and fat lines.
So. Good. On. The. Grill.

We're expecting our first shipment of Barkley Sound Salmon in the coming week. And like most fish we see, we're super excited to share it with you.

Join us in celebrating the fish and fisher folks of Barkley Sound. It's good eating!

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