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Shucked Oysters

Shucked Oysters

To us, a platter full of shucked oysters is an invitation:
It's welcome home, come in, sit down, put down your troubles a while, cheers and "I'll toast to that!" all rolled into one.

When there's a plate of oysters, there's an understanding. It's maybe one of our most favourite je ne sais quoi seafood anomalies. 

So how do you get some? 
We don't have a listing online for shucked oysters because we book these with intention. Before one of our finest opens the oysters up, we want to make sure you've got everything you need and the timing is right.

For shucked oyster orders, please contact Customer Service by Phone or by Email. and they will get your order set up for you.

Order by the half or full dozen (or even by the piece if you desire).
And don't forget to add sauce!
Hooked Mignonette, Creamed Horseradish, Nate's Hot Sauce or our amazing Hooked Cocktail Sauce!

P.S. We are happy to teach you how to open an oyster at any of our stores if you're eager to learn!
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