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Rainbow Trout


Markdale, Ontario, Canada

With its light, buttery flavour and delicate texture, these trout are a favourite among staff and customers alike.

Cooking Methods:
Pan frying, slow baking, poaching, grilling whole, en papillotte, hot and cold smoking

Kolapore Springs is as wild a farm as a farm can get. Operating as a hatchery as well as a fish farm, the trout are raised in a spring-fed raceway near Collingwood. The spring provides great circulation, very cold temperatures and an abundance of natural feed in freshwater marine insects and freshwater shrimp. Minnows are raised as a portion of the fish’s diet. What little feed is given is all-natural: no antiobiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no colourants, no land animal byproduct. No wild fish were harvested to feed these fish. Kolapore trout take upwards of 24 months to come to size, naturally.

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