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Get the party started with oysters on the half shell.

Nothing seems to break the ice and get conversation going like a tray of oysters;  okay, maybe champagne does too, but they go so well together.  Plan on 3 oysters per person before a meal, or 6 per person for a cocktail party, this accounts for some who will eat a ton, and those that won't at all - but if you know your crowd order accordingly.

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Hooked has options for you

You can order by the piece, by the half or full dozen. We are happy to mix brands for you so that you have a variety. We also have a favourite grower but together a feature for the holidays every year.

one standard oyster $3
half dozen standard oysters $16
one dozen standard oysters $26


Shucked Oysters  Hooked can also "shuck" your oysters for you, and set them up for easy presentation. Your oysters will arrive in a leak-proof box on a bed of seaweed with a freezer sheet to keep them perfectly cold. 

half dozen shucked standard oysters $22
one dozen shucked standard oysters $32
Due to high demand, shucked oysters must be booked through our Customer Service Team.

Holiday Special   We also have a favourite grower but together a feature for the holidays every year. Again this year the folks at d'Eon Oyster Farm in Nova Scotia have packed their gorgeous Eel Lake Cocktail oysters for us.

24 piece box of Eel Lake Cocktail Oysters $40
50 piece box of Eel Lake Cocktail Oysters
The Oyster Box Gift Set $145

Save on full cases 

100 Savage Blonde, PEI $139
100 $144
Valley Pearl, PEI
100 $159
Kusshi, BC
Marina's Top Drawer, BC 


Garnishes and Sauces

Everyone is different, some like them neat with no adornment, others heap them with fresh grated horseradish, hot sauce or a tiny squirt of fresh lemon. We love our house made traditional fresh Sauce Mignonette.

Nate's Hot Sauce
Creamed Horseradish

Things to know about oysters

Store them in your refrigerator loosely covered with a damp paper towel for up to 10 days.
Display on a bed of ice if they will be out for more than 20 minutes.
The bad oyster; very occasionally you may come across a bad oyster - in our experience, a truly bad oyster will smell so offensive that you will not want to eat it. Trust your instinct here.
Martha Stewart, of course, has some great tips on this as well.


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