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Have it your way

We love that there are so many clever ways to cut and prepare fish.

Here are a few of the more common ways that we prepare fish for our customers:

1. Dressed

We call a fish whole dressed when it has been cleaned ( the guts and gills removed) as well as the scales removed.

2. Butterflied

Often times chefs and customers prefer that we "butterfly" the fish and remove all of the bones. We do this through the belly, leaving the head on and the back all together. This is a great way to start a whole stuffed fish. 

3. Head-off Butterflied

We can make the same butterfly preparation with the head removed; a presentation which some prefer.

4. Fillets

A very basic preparation where we neatly remove the two fillets from the fish, and use small tweezers to remove any tiny pin-bones that remain. This yields a boneless portion.

5. Skin-off Fillets

Any fillet can also have the skin removed if you wish.



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