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CLOSED Victoria Day, Monday the 22nd
CLOSED Victoria Day, Monday the 22nd
Fish, Food, Family Day

Fish, Food, Family Day

Family Day is one of our favourite holidays.

Not only does Family Day help creatively raise Ontario's stat holiday count to the magical number 9 - it is also a holiday that comes with no expectations except the ones you bring along. Family Day can lend itself to making new family traditions and unique memories with your family unit, whatever shape or size.

Family day is a holiday that comes with no expectations except the ones you bring along.

Think back on what your fond memories are of childhood;
Mine are (mostly all) food related. My grandmother had cooked professionally at family camps, as well as being cook for her own 7 children. Unsurprisingly, my long summer visits to her house involved food and yarn. But mostly lots of food. Smelling any of her recipes takes me right back to her smiling in her kitchen.

When holidays roll onto the calendar at my home, even the government and greeting card holidays, we focus on food: We work on a special meal, and we find ways to get our children involved so they have a strong tactile, olfactory, and gustatory memory of the joy we experience together.

So for this Family Day, we're going to make our special meal Fish Tacos!
We have a kid friendly knife (that we closely supervise) - so our little kids can help with the slaw. They can help squeeze limes, help make our fish dredge, and help us dunk the fish in dredge.  Parents will do the frying, kids can jump back in for assembly.
If you're thinking about a way to feed your crowd - you can try Fish Tacos, too!

1/ Head over to your closest Hooked store or contact the Customer Service Team.
2/ Pick up some white fish, shrimp or lobster (if you're extra adventurous)
3/ Check out our grocery shelves and fridges for Alba Lisa Tortillas, dredge, and Nate's Hot Sauce
4/ At checkout, ask your fish monger for our Fish Taco Recipe Card, which will include our recipe for slaw and lime crema (do you remember our Leslieville Farmer's Market Days? Yes - THAT taco recipe!)

Our recipe will include an ingredient list and instructions needed to complete the tacos, and you'll be on your way down memory lane.

This is a Family Day memory you can repeat year after year without fail. 

Here's to a holiday and to tacos!
Max, Customer Service

p.s. maybe you feel more like roasting a whole fish and having a different dinner. Check out our whole stuffed Sea Bream!
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