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woman in a blue apron seasoning bright orange, raw salmon in a black baking dish

Eating more fish

Cooking for yourself, and your family - no matter how big or small - can be a tiresome pursuit for healthy, delicious meals.  Not to mention, time lost to recipe hunting and shopping.

Enter New Year's Resolutions:  The time honoured tradition of adding another hurdle to a life that's already heaped with expectations and responsibilities.

Still, if you want to eat more fish, are looking to integrate shellfish options or prepared meals into your life with less hassle - let us help!

We are here to help make fish and seafood less daunting.

Our customer service team can curate a weekly delivery, set it up for as many weeks as you'd like, with a check in here and there to change things up as you see fit.
Some customers need individual portions so they can pull them out of a freezer one at a time.
Some customers need a piece of salmon big enough for 5 people.
Sometimes it's two jars of soup and smoked salmon to make three easy meals.
Hooked can do that!

If you'd like to have a custom curated delivery sent to you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - well, there are as many possibilities as there are fish in the sea.

Hooked Customer Service is happy to help you set up a standing order, and delivery, to make this one thing just a bit easier, especially when we are living in short, winter days and rushed all the time.

Send us an email to connect and set up a call.
Consider us happy to help.

Max, Customer Service
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