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Wild Arctic Char

Luscious, rich, mild flavour that is hands down one of our favourite fish of the year. Very few people have actually tasted Arctic Char from the wild as almost all of our experience with this fish is from the farmed variety.  The first thing you will notice is the colour - deep and vibrant. These fish feed on Arctic krill  - not on colour enhansed pellets.

We source Truly Wild Arctic Char from Cambridge Bay Nunavut. This is a 100% indigenous fishery, that operates a few weeks each year and has done for  hundreds of years by these same fishing families. 

To us it is always a miracle when this fish arrives - there are an improbable number of very tenuous shipping links that all must line up perfectly. Kudos to our air cargo people.

Stop in to say hi 👋🏼 and try a piece on a low grill or slow baked in the oven. It’s perfection.

But hurry, the season is short. 

Why we love wild Arctic Char



This is Canada at its' peak. A food that is 100% natural and reflects the gifts of the nature that surrounds us.



This fishery existes only a few weeks each year when the fish are migrating under the ice floes and pass through open water. It is a celebration fo the season.


Small Scale

This is a grassroots fishery and the value of the catch is an important part of the local economy. This supports communities rather than corporations. We like that.