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Copper River Salmon

Copper River Salmon

Every year the beginning of wild salmon season is marked by the arrival of the first fish from the Cordova Alaska. The famous Copper River Salmon are sought after by chefs and aficionados everywhere.

“It’s really the ultimate salmon eating experience because it’s the first wild salmon run of the season,” said Robert Spaulding, executive chef at Elliott’s Oyster House , ... “It’s kind of like the first tomato of the summer. It’s something you crave.” Forbes Magazine

HOOKED was the first retailer in Toronto to offer this experience to customers, and it is only one of the sources that we will follow throughout the summer. Each week there are new runs happening all up and down the coast - from Washington through BC to Alaska.

We get excited for the beginning of each run as these wild salmon make their journeys home.

Contact us for more information (416) 825-9281

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