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Although strictly speaking caviar is only made from the salt cured eggs of Sturgeon, the name now graces the jars of pretty much any fish roe that has been preserved in the same traditional method. This wider range means caviar is no longer reserved for special occasions, and caviars are finding their way into all occasions.
We love the way caviar can add a bit of salty excitement to so many dishes.


Lumpfish 50 gram $12
Mullet & Herring 100 gram $26
Trout (sold out) 50 gram $20
Salmon 100 gram $36
Northern Divine Sturgeon (Certified Organic)  12 gram $45
30 gram $92
50 gram $159
125 gram $370

The flavour of these caviars, vary in intensity as does the size and “crunch”of the roe. Prices range as well, from affordable to luxury. At the highest prices are traditional caviars made from the eggs of sturgeon. Due to concerns over declining populations, sturgeon has been flagged by the IUCN as endangered for many years now. Hooked has been working with Northern Divine Aquafarms in Sechelt, BC for almost 10 years now as they have developed an organic certified farm raised sturgeon caviar. Their product is extraordinary, and we can enjoy with a clear conscience. 

Learn more about Northern Divine here:

Northern Divine

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