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Year of the Water Rabbit || 2023 Lunar New Year

Year of the Water Rabbit || 2023 Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year! 

The second new moon after Winter Solstice heralds the beginning of the lunisolar Chinese calendar.

Each year on the lunisolar calendar has a corresponding animal from the Chinese zodiac and one element is applied to that zodiac animal every 60 years. This year is the Year of the Water Rabbit.
Perhaps it is extra auspicious to include seafood in the menu this year?
We're likely bias.

Without further ado - Here are some seafood ideas to include in your menu!


The culinary red dragon: The lobster is, essentially, the culinary representation of the dragon, so "the lobster brings high energy, longevity, respect and prosperity," according to one chef.


Similar to how we use puns in English, the Chinese have many words that sound alike.  Food puns! The word oyster is similar to the term 'good business' - so you're looking to advance a career or business this year, you should have oysters on the table. Call your local Hooked store if you'd like to get a dozen or two shucked for you!

Whole Fish

The Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for 'plentiful surplus', so a whole fish symbolizes good fortune for the year ahead.
Actually, make it two fish. Left overs show exactly how much surplus you're going to have - and you can make a great breakfast congee for your New Years' morning. Leen leen yow yu. (Let every year be plentiful!)


Hokkaido Scallops on a half shell - the shell looks like money, representing good fortune. Our Hokkaido scallops on the half shell are nicely graded, meaning they are all very close in size, and will cook in the same amount of time. 
Serve them with Long Noodles (for a long life!)

Still intimidated by cooking whole fish? Don't be!
Available to order online today, or through the Customer Service team:
We're taking orders for Whole Stuffed Fish, available for delivery or pick up after 3pm on Tuesday.
We are stuffing these fish with an aromatic blend of ginger, scallion, garlic & sesame. Plus, we're super pro at giving cooking tips by phone and email.

You may not believe me now - but hear me out - Cooking a WHOLE fish is EASIER than cooking a single portion. It's nearly impossible to ruin fish that is cooked whole. Presenting a whole fish on the table is a moment of magic in itself.
2 / Pick some seafood from the suggestions above or try one of our stuffed Sea Bream (one fish is perfect for two people) or two.
3 / Let us know which store you'd like to pick it up at.
Or we can put together a delivery for you!

We'd love to see what you whip up for your Lunar New Year feast -
Tag us on Instagram.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
~ The Hooked Team


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