We like to poach our fish in a flavourful liquid such as a coconut curry, tandoori curry or fennel and tomato broth. Gone are the days of poaching whole fish in court bouillon. We find it is best to make a flavourful base, bring to a gentle simmer, and submerge fileted pieces of fish.
A thinner filet (trout, pickerel) will take 4-6 minutes to cook through, whereas a thicker filet will take closer to ten minutes.

  1. once liquid is at a steady simmer, and flavour is where you want it to be, submerge room-temperature filets into the liquid. This is a gentle cooking method, so the most action you should see in your pan is the occasional bubble.
  2. while the fish is cooking, warm shallow bowls, finish any starch or vegetable accompanying the dish. Check for doneness, remembering that the fish will continue to cook in the hot broth in the bowl. Best to go a tiny bit under, rather than over.