The Story

Kristin and Dan are chefs who met at the Stratford Chefs School and fell in love. Both worked in terrific restaurants, in the kitchen, dining room and in management. Marriage, babies and a streak of entrepreneurship followed.
With a young family, Dan and Kristin knew they did not want to own a restaurant. In addition, they were frustrated by the lack of good fish in the city of Toronto. There was zero traceability, little quality assurance and little regard for the consumer. All of this at a time when people were being told to eat more fish, but be careful of which fish they consumed.
Kristin and Dan designed a fish store with a mindset similar to some of the city’s top restaurants:
Go straight to the source. No distributors, no salespeople. Hooked would buy direct. Hooked would support only small-boat fisheries. Hooked would only buy from people fishing responsibly. Hooked would pay them a fair price.
This was revolutionary in a land-locked province thousands of kilometres from either coast.
Manage our own freight. Hooked would work with small carriers who could help ship fish every day, directly from source. For the first 2 years, we would pick up fish at the airport every day in our family’s beat up Pathfinder. Now 5 years in, Sean picks up every morning in our beat up Hooked-mobile.


What does this mean for the consumer?
We buy fish to sell fish. THE SAME DAY.

  1. We get our fish 5-12 days ahead of the regular supply chain (in fresh season, within 48 hours of it hitting the dock).
  2. We know who caught our fish, where they caught it, how they caught it and when they caught it.
  3. We can communicate this information and knowledge to our customers.

We are chefs. From the beginning, Dan and Kristin decided that they wanted a team with a culinary background. The average person is not comfortable cooking fish at home. In fact, 68% of fish is consumed not at home, but in restaurants.
We wanted to change that by empowering our customers to cook all kinds of fish. #thereislifebeyondsalmon
By taking the time to engage each customer, determine their needs, likes and dislikes, our team of cooks aim to convert the occasional fish eater into the habitual fish eater. #theknowledgeablefishstore