We are always looking to build our team with great people

If you are a cook, culinary graduate or foodservice alumni (or know someone who is), we would love to hear from you. Please send a note and your work experience to kristin@hookedinc.ca

Debbie Dam

Retail & Master Smoker

At Hooked since May 2014
Best part of the job: Working with awesome peeps who love what they do, making a positive work environment
Funniest moment: Xmas party 2015… All of it!


Retail & Boomerang

At Hooked since May 2013 (in between world traveling)
Best part of the job: Getting to work with the freshest product available
Funniest moment: Can I say going to see a drag show?



At Hooked since July 2015
Best part of the job: Being able to align my sustainability and food values with my job, and learning more specifically about fish related issues. And the weird people I get to work with are pretty cool too.
Funniest moment: I convinced a reluctant customer to try the side stripes raw and with no sauces before doing anything else to them, and she left a message that night saying that she and her gin and tonic were exceptionally happy with the advice to eat the shrimp like chips. That image is seared in my mind.


Retail & Teacher

At Hooked since May 2015
Best part of the job: To be part of the seafood sustainable movement. Learning about Canada through seafood. Learning new skills and insights about fish. Making new friends
Funniest moment: Too many!


Fish One, Lead Retail

At Hooked since March 2011
Best part of the job: The environment. Great staff, amazing customers and beautiful product – everyday!
Funniest moment: While working on a batch of smoked fish I accidentally set the siding of the building on fire.  Good times!



At Hooked since May 2015
Best part of the job: The wealth of learning and knowledge transfer that happens between staff as well as clients. I came on to the Hooked team with little professional culinary experience but a burning desire to get involved in food. Kristin and Dan took me on knowing that and have encouraged every step of my learning. Hooked has facilitated my knowledge about responsible consumption, especially in regards to fishing and farming practices, and has given me a solid base to not only being an informed provider but also an informed consumer of fish and seafood. Plus, I get to talk and learn about food all day, that’s pretty darn neat.
Funniest moment: Got a lot of moments to choose from but I guess I’d go with the time I vacuum packed a BlackBird focaccia for a client, an attempt to keep the bread fresh, and turned it into flattened focaccia pita… it was the last focaccia that day. I’m glad Hooked supports learning by doing as well as through failure. We all had a good laugh about that one.


Wholesale Manager

At Hooked since May 2014
Best part of the job:  learning about all the different facets of the world of fish, and dealing with the various people and companies that share the Hooked values
Funniest moment:
was looking for a screwdriver to fix something, asked Ian if he had one in his bag, he responded with “no, but I have a hacky sack!”. Also, bowling was hilarious.

Daniel Dundas

Procedures and Wholesale

At Hooked since September 2015
Best part of the job: Interacting with our suppliers, who love their products, so we in turn can relay this passion towards our customers
Funniest moment: That would have to be Mikhail’s attempt to protect his New York Yankees baseball hat with a hotel pan (you had to be there).


Lead Instructor, Chef

At Hooked since September 2014
Best part of the job: Dealing with exceptional products and passionate people
Funniest moment: Not sure, everyday is a funny moment working with these people


Production Chef

At Hooked since January 2014
Best part of the job: The awesome people and product I get to work with each day
Funniest moment: Everyday is a day full of laughter and cheer


General Manager

At Hooked since May 2012
Best part of the job: Working with people and for people who are truly passionate about fish and seafood, respecting our oceans and knowing our fishermen. And eating fish, lots and lots of fish!
Funniest moment: In my first few months at HOOKED I made the rookie mistake of sliding a lidless and unlabelled styro off the top shelf of the fridge to see what was inside. Big Mistake. I got COVERED in cold fishy juice: my face, my hair, my shirt, in my mouth. At the time, it was the worst – my only option was to laugh it off and go clean up. I still get teased about it to this day but have definitely learned to handle mysterious styros with caution



At Hooked since July 2015
Best part of the job: Learning new things, educating and informing people of the products and care we have in the products that we sell, and working with an amazing bunch of people.
Funniest moment: There’s never a dull moment at Hooked! My face is always sore from all the laughter. 🙂